Basic Scheduling Process

  1. Select an appointment type.
  2. Schedule when you'd like your appointment.
  3. I get notified of your appointment request at which point you'll hear from me.


What's the best time for photos?

It all depends on what you're looking for. If you're wanting that golden hour look then I'd google what time the sun is supposed to set on the date you desire to shoot and schedule the shoot an hour before sunset. There's also the amazing blue hour look which is the 30 minutes after the sun has set. Same can be applied for sunrise.

What if I'm not wanting sunset photos?

Then you are in luck because there's a good 10-12 hours between sunrise and sunset ;)

What if the weather is bad or something comes up?

When you schedule an appointment with me you'll receive a confirmation email that you can refer back to in order to make payments, reschedule, or cancel your appointment.

If I cancel my appointment do I get my money back?

If you cancel your appointment 20% of the total cost of your shoot will not be refunded. This is because once your date and time are locked I begin turning down clients who inquire about that same date/time.